Q&A: Confessions of a Plannerholic

Emma-Louise over at The Stationery Geekette (who has been lovely enough to feature my blog in her Picks of the Week posts for a few months now) was asking around on the planner groups if any of we planner bloggers would be interested in a collaboration.

I jumped at the chance before I even really knew what she wanted the collab to be about. I mean, I’m a blogger and I’m addicted to my planner. What more could I possibly need to know?


Confessions of a Plannerholic: I'm a blogger and I'm addicted to my #planner http://bit.ly/29dUdkr


The other ladies involved will be posting weekly. I do post weekly, but I have four (sometimes five) different categories so I only post about planners on the second Monday of the month. This series actually started last week on the 4th of July, then. Make sure to go check out the blogs and vlogs involved (links at the end of this post)!

For my part, my first post is the Q&A posed by Emma-Louise. Let’s see what she wants to know.


1. What is your favourite planner?

No question, dudes and dudettes. My favourite right now is the MAMBI Happy Planner. The Botanical Gardens version is just so lovely, and something about the vertical layout just works for me. I love how chunky it is without even trying.


MAMBI Botanical Garden
Front cover of my MAMBI Botanical Garden Happy Planner.


2. Does your planner have a name, and if so what?

Uh. I never really got into naming my planners, but if I was going to name my Happy Planner it’d have to be BG (short for Botanical Gardens).


3. Favourite accessories?

Washi tape and stickers! (As if you couldn’t tell from my weekly spreads.)


Washi tape is so versatile. I kind of just like looking at it http://bit.ly/29dUdkr


Washi tape, especially, is just so versatile. I have kind of a huge collection now, so I’m never really stuck for fun combinations, but even with just a handful of tapes you can design something cute and fun.


Week 22
Week 22 in my Happy Planner


Plus I kind of just like looking at all the little rolls arranged in pretty rows in their boxes.


With just a handful of washi tapes you can design something cute & fun http://bit.ly/29dUdkr



4. What’s your top planning tip?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with layouts and planner styles.

I was really struggling with the Filofax-style ring-bound planners for a good six months before I discovered the Happy Planner, and another half year before I decided to splurge on BG. (It’s not even that big of a splurge compared to what I paid for each of my Maldens and Kikki Ks.)


Week 23
Week 23 in my Happy Planner


I was afraid that the Happy Planner’s vertical layout wouldn’t work for me (it does) or that it would be too big and weighty to be practical. It is big and weighty, but I actually like that in a planner/notebook, something I could never find peace with in my Malden or Color Crush. (Ring-bound planners just aren’t designed to be overstuffed and still usable, especially if you’re wanting to take out pages on a weekly basis to decorate.)


You can change your mind if your #planner just isn't working for you http://bit.ly/29dUdkr


So yeah, don’t be afraid to try different types of planner before you settle in one. And don’t think you can’t change your mind if, in six months, you suddenly aren’t happy in the one you’ve been using. (I think that’s why so many planner girls have so many planners. We like variety!)


5. Why planners?

Assuming this is a question of pen & paper versus digital calendar, then I have to confess I do use digital planning tools, as well. If I have an appointment that needs a reminder, I’ll put it in both my paper planner and in my Google Calendar just in case I’m having a crappy day and forget to open BG. I use Trello and Google Calendar to do most of my blog planning, too, because it’s easier to wrap my head around scheduling that way.


Week 25
Week 25 in my Happy Planner


But there’s something so elegant and tactile about a paper planner. It’s why I do a lot of my brainstorming for my books in a notebook rather than on the computer. The pain in my hands notwithstanding, writing something down makes me more likely to remember it than if it was typed.


Writing something down in my #planner makes me more likely to remember it than if it was typed http://bit.ly/29dUdkr


And you can’t decorate a digital planner the way you can a paper one. I don’t have much going on in my life that I’d scrapbook and I don’t have many people to make cards for, but I love papercrafting so I have to have an outlet somewhere!


May 2016
May monthly spread in my Happy Planner


6. If you were stuck on a desert island, what would your top 5 items be that you would want to have?

Do I still qualify as a planner girl if I say that planners aren’t on my top 5?

Also, I’m going to assume in this scenario that I’m perfectly fit and healthy, because still being sick would dictate a lot of my needs…


  1. KitKat. Although it would probably be cruel to take a fluff bomb like her to a desert… But maybe she’d like sunbathing there.
  2. Water. Lots and lots of water.
  3. Plenty of food.
  4. A head scarf to shelter me and KitKat from the sun during the day, and to keep us warm at night.
  5. An aeroplane so I could leave.


Confessions of a Plannerholic: My #planner's not in my top 5 desert necessities http://bit.ly/29dUdkr


7. If there was a zombie apocalypse and you only have time to get to one shop but the pathway was clear to a stationery store or a supermarket which would you chose?

Oh God. Just leave me to die.

Or can I be one of those zombies you see trapped in the shop? In which case, just leave me to die in the stationery store. I can play roam at will once I’m dead.


8. You win 1 million on the Lotto. You can only buy 3 things. What do you buy? And why?

I’ve just realised something, guys. Emma-Louise is cruel.

I keep joking to my carers about wanting a million pounds. “Just imagine,” says I, “how many stickers and rolls of washi tape I could buy with a million pounds!” It boggles the mind.


Confessions of a Plannerholic: Just imagine how many stickers and tapes you could buy with £1m! http://bit.ly/29dUdkr


But if I was only allowed three things… Assuming, again, that those three things have to come out of the first million, and that there’s no limitations on growing it…


  1. High-return investments.
  2. High-return investments.
  3. High-return investments.



(I think the ‘why’ is probably obvious there. And imagine what I could buy with ten million pounds. *_*)


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Confessions of a Plannerholic
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What do you have to confess?

It’s only fair that, if we make these confessions, you guys ‘fess up something too! So come on, guys and guysettes. What’s your juicy gossip?


What's your Plannerholic Confession? http://bit.ly/29dUdkr




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    1. Thank you. ❤

      lol I think we all said washi tape, to be honest. Just shows how versatile it really is. 😀

      And you so totally are evil. I'm glad you had to answer your own questions. ;D

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