June Happy Planner Spread: Flowers & Fairies

I have made a terrible mistake.

Well, not truly terrible. June’s spread is very pretty.




Unfortunately, it also looks very similar to the layout I made for April.




In fact, it’s so similar that I can’t really tell the difference unless I’m looking at them side by side.


Ignore the “nanowrimo” tag. That’s actually next month. ¬_¬


Granted, there are obvious differences: there’s less black this month and more pink than in April.

I also didn’t bother making the tiny envelopes this time. They were so cute, but a total chore to figure out.




There’s something to be said, too, for sticking with a tried and tested method. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I loved April’s spread, so I’m not exactly horrified that this looks so familiar.




Still, as a crafter, I just don’t like repeating myself. Maybe I’ll do better next time.





7 Replies to “June Happy Planner Spread: Flowers & Fairies”

      1. Know what you mean – although it can be hard sometimes because you just want to use your favourite pieces and colours! I’ve been a bit prone to using a lot of pastel colours in mine which I’ve been trying to remedy these past few weeks!

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      2. It can definitely be tough to make something unique every week/month! Part of the fun for me, though lol. It’s easier with a kit bringing in fresh goodies every month, so I’m not sure what I’ll be like once my TPS kit stops coming in August 😮

        Pastel colours are yummy! Nothing wrong with using them a lot. ;D

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      3. Oh man, so much to the no buying. I’m actually quite pleased with myself today. W H Smith’s has a sale on and I very nearly bought a bunch of notebooks I don’t need just because notebooks. I spent most of the afternoon building a basket, then talked myself out of checking it out this morning. 😀

        Are you proud? I bet you’re proud.

        But yes, hopefully my current supplies won’t drive me insane with the sameness for future weeks. I think I’ve got enough washi to supply a planner army for a while, though, so I should be okay?

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      4. I am very proud of you! Good on you for resisting the urge to buy notebooks, which I know is hard because…well…notebooks are very nice and you never know when you might need one…or ten xD
        I’m sure you’ll be able to do it though, decorate your planner without buying loads of new supplies! It’s a fun challenge sometimes, seeing how many quite different looks you can get just by switching up a washi tape. I look forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂

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