Week 24 Happy Planner Spread: Take Me to the Jungle

Sometimes, I’ll think a layout is boring or too plain, despite the bright colours and gorgeous stickers.

And then I’ll see it from another angle and the sun reflects off the gold foil in the washi tape and I fall in love again.

Week 24


Other times, I like a spread as I lay it out, only to hate it when it comes to actually using it… and then adore it again later.


Week 24


I’ve said before (probably a bunch of times by now) that I’m not a huge fan of green. It’s nice to see in the summer when it and the sun brighten everything up, but it’s normally a colour I avoid.

And yet, I adore this layout. Something about the lush red of the flowers along the bottom and the forest-y green of the Cavallini tapes across the headers makes me think of sexy jungles a la Tarzan.


Week 24


Couple that with the stickers from The Planner Society’s May kit (the cute little wheelbarrows overflowing with florals and even the yellow I normally can’t stand)…

Well. It’s not my favourite layout ever, but I had a lot of fun planning in it, and even more fun decorating it in the first place! ;D


Week 24


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