The Planner Society: May review

I’ve cancelled my subscription to The Planner Society.

To be clear, this is not a reflection of the kit itself. Christy and her team continue to design and produce absolutely gorgeous supplies that I am both excited and proud to put in my planner for posterity, and to take pictures of and show off to the world (or my small part of it, at any rate).

Unfortunately, I’m likely to need a new computer soon, along with many other things that need replacing around the house, and one of the things that simply has to go is my habit of spending a fortune on craft supplies.

I hereby challenge you to challenge me to a No-Spend eternity (or at least until I can afford the things I actually need).

All that said, I left it late enough that I’ll still be receiving June and July’s kits, so I’ll probably be doing reviews of them later. In the meantime, read on for my review of May’s box.


The May Kit

I have to admit, I was a little dismayed to receive this month’s kit. As usual, the previews on Christy’s Instagram don’t nearly do her work justice, and I was kind of expecting to be disappointed after April’s spectacular kit, anyway.

And then I opened my pouch to find this:




The cardboard envelope the kit comes in is well protected by a much thicker piece of card, so this must have happened at Scarlet Lime’s end and not in the mail.

I almost can’t believe a team that produces such beauty would let something like this slip by them, but I imagine they would have apologised profusely if I’d bothered to let them know. It seemed such a trifling thing compared to the charm of the packaging and everything inside it that I didn’t want to waste energy complaining about a damaged envelope when everything inside it was fine.

And by fine, I mean freaking gorgeous. Again.




I never quite know where to begin unwrapping with these boxes, or where to start drooling telling you all about them. There’s just so much, and while I love some bits less than others, there’s not one item in any of the kits I’ve received so far that hasn’t inspired me in some way or another.

And, once again, Scarlet Lime has managed to take something that I found kind of ugly in the previews and make it grow on me like the prettiest mould in the universe.


Here it is! The Grand Finale! The full reveal of the May Planner Society kit! This month's theme was vintage garden in bright saturated colors, perfect for heading into summer! The kit includes 6 exclusive double sided papers, 2 sheets of both functional and decorative stickers, and two full sheets of lace washi stickers! Also included is an adorable notepad with a cute girl on it, a matching sticky note set, a mini set of girl stickers, and adorable puffy stickers by the talented @shop.evalicious! ( which by the way I just realized I didn't show a sneak peek of, so gonna have to share it later this week 😁). Also in the kit are a set of cute diecuts, 4 notecards, a gorgeous crown paperclip by @prettypleasingpaper, and a set of functional honeycomb icon stamps! Last but not least, we have a gorgeous bow charm, the ever popular page flags by the awesome @doodlecatco, an exclusive floral crown pen, and of course washi tape! This kit is jammed packed of all exclusively designed goodness! If you missed this kit and would like to find out more about our subs, click on the link in my profile! We would love to have you! #revealday #tpssneakpeeks #thebigone

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I honestly have no idea how they do it, because yellow is seriously not my thing and I really don’t like those lacy border stickers just to look at them. But put those things to actual use, and it’s a whole different story! (Check out the next couple of weekly spreads to see what I mean.) I couldn’t wait to play with them in my Happy Planner.


What’s included this month?

  • A gorgeous planner charm that looks more like a really expensive bit of jewellery
  • A set of 9 mini hexagonal icon stamps
  • 1 roll of washi tape
  • 6 sheets of paper
  • 1 paper clip from Pretty Pleasing Paper
  • 1 floral crown-capped pen
  • 1 large notepad and a smaller post-it pad
  • 4 journalling cards
  • Pack of die-cut ephemera
  • 1 sheet of puffy stickers
  • 1 pack of post-it flags
  • 2 sheets of lacey border stickers
  • 3 sheets of stickers


And if you’re clever and careful, you can reuse the bags the kits come in. I’m neither so I had to trim off the edge where The Planner Society seal is stuck, but that still leaves plenty of bag for small gifts. (Case in point, I split my dad’s Father’s Day gift into the less feminine bags from TPS. Cheapskate? Me? Not half!)


The Papers

The papers in May’s kit aren’t my favourite ever, though I do like the bee print and the blue floral sheet on top in the picture below. The prints are large enough that they’re tricky to use in planners for anything less than dividers or covers, but they would make beautiful cards with very little effort (which is good because my card-making lately has been all about the minimalism).




And they fit in my 9″ trimmer, so I don’t have to faff around measuring with a pencil and then hand-cutting with scissors the way I do with my favourite 12 x 12’s. I wish more pretty papers came in this size.


The stickers

I have to admit, I don’t like the face on the girl in May’s box, but just look at those umbrellas! And those wellies! And the wheelbarrows! And the–

Well, you get the point.




Honestly, that top sheet of stickers is so pretty I almost don’t want to use them. And despite her face, the girl designs are always so pretty that even the yellow doesn’t put me off. Plus, I’ve taken to using banner stickers to set my companionship apart from the rest of my week, so the inclusion of the floral frames was very welcome.


Journalling Cards

Funnily enough, I’ve used journalling cards so much in the last few weeks that I’m kind of loathe to do it again any time soon — so of course this is the month that Christy includes a pack of four! XD

The pink one is especially delightful, but I’m gaining a whole new appreciation for yellow here.





As always, there’s also a pack of die-cut bits. It’s a bit of a pain having to get the glue stick out (I kind of wish they were self-adhesive) but that does make them more versatile. You can move them around to make sure they look good before gluing them in.

Likewise, puffy stickers don’t really suit planning for people who prefer that their spreads lay flat. (It’s awkward trying to write on a sheet of paper that’s jutting out in random places.) That hasn’t stopped me using them for the sheer joy of it, though, and I expect most people use them to decorate covers and dividers anyway.




Border Stickers

I didn’t realise until I actually opened up the pack of border stickers that there are two sheets and not just the one you can see. I wasn’t overly keen on the four on display, but there’s a lovely green floral set on the reverse that is to die for (along with an ugly mustard thing that just doesn’t bear mention. Sorry Christy!)

Better yet, you can half them length-wise with a trimmer to create a lovely scalloped header or footer in your planner, and then use the scraps to cover up parts of the section headers. So pretty!



The notepads are what really got me, though. The small pink one is a pack of post-it notes, which are always handy. The yellow one is more like a shopping list pad (non-adhesive) but I stuck one in to Week 23 with some washi tape to do a bit of journalling on the back and it looks great.




Index Flags

I call them index flags, but the little book of pennants are fully adhesive so they’re more like stickers. They’re easy to cut down if you want a shorter pennant, and some of the prints can be made to go horizontal for banners. They’re all bright and cheerful and are great for making certain events stand out.


Crown Pen

Sadly, the pen is far too thin for me to use. I haven’t even tested it because just holding it hurt my hand. I’ve said before that I have a heck of a time finding pens I can write with, though, so my opinion doesn’t really count.


Bits & Bobs

The washi tape is so pretty, and just look at that bow charm! Glorious, I tell you. Of course, I haven’t figured out how to use it on my Happy Planner yet, and I’m reluctant to use the paper clip because the big ones always catch and fall off and then disappear into the chaos that is my bed, never to be seen again.




Icon Stamps

Let’s just not talk about the stamps. They’re so cute, but I always mess up when I stamp so I didn’t even get them out of their packet…



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