Week 22 Happy Planner Spread: Free Spirit

A couple of weeks ago, I bought the MAMBI storage case (review probably upcoming) and, of course, you can’t just do a bit of shopping at a craft store without also getting a few things for yourself (as if the storage case was for some random, unnamed person not me bahahaha).

Anyway, Hey Little Magpie had been tempting me like a siren with these Cocoa Vanilla Studio bits from their Free Spirit collection. They are freaking gorgeous. I’m not normally a fan of orange or green or, well, basically any of the colours in this collection, but I wanted them as soon as I saw them!

And since I was buying from there anyway


Cocoa Vanilla


I loved the stickers so much that I used nearly all of the sheet just on this week’s spread. #sorrynotsorry?


Week 22


Freaking gorgeous, I tell you.


Week 22


They even included some of the typewriters I adore.


Week 22


Isn’t it just so purty?


Week 22



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