Cat Hampurr Review

Last month, I looked at 6 different subscription boxes for cats living in the UK. (Well, I guess technically they’re for people living in the UK who own cats, but shush.)

I said in that post that I hadn’t tried any of them because I didn’t think it would be worth £16 a month for a finicky cat. Naturally, my research made me rethink the whole thing and I signed up for the Cat Hampurr less than a day later.


Pre-Box Excitement


From the very moment I subscribed, I was excited — more so than I get for my own box, actually! I couldn’t wait. The 15th of May seemed forever away. Even knowing that the chances of KitKat enjoying what came in the box were pretty slim because she’s a fussy eater, I was still on tenterhooks.

And then Cat Hampurr made it worse. Or I did by following them on Twitter. I was really looking forward to KitKat’s box that much. (They also have a Pinterest account, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account, by the way. Follow that last one at your peril.)

Whoever handles their Twitter stream is just as fun as their mascot kitty’s name (Kooki) suggests.


Cat Hampurr on Twitter


I’ve never really paid much attention to brands or how they interact with their customers outside of seriously awful customer support, but blogging has brought a whole new aspect of shopping to my attention. It started with the planning community when I tagged Me & My Big Ideas in a few of my happy planner pics on Instagram. There’s just something so cool about interacting with the people behind the faceless logos.

You probably already know all this because I’m late to the party as usual, but being able to enjoy a Twitter conversation with the Cat Hampurr team — and feeling like they were having fun too — gave the whole process a far more personal touch. (I’m pretty sure the CH team read my last post about subscription boxes, too, because they called KitKat by name in a thank you tweet! *giddy*)





Less than 24 hours after Cat Hampurr announced that the box had shipped early to make it to us by “Caturday”, my postie was ringing the bell.

I was in the middle of lunch so I didn’t get to open the box right away, and I forgot to take pictures. I did, however, manage to make a video of the whole affair and then trim it down to make several shorter versions instead. (You might have seen one or two on our Facebook page or Twitter feed. ¬_¬)



The moment I took out the catnip banana, KitKat claimed it as hers. She wasn’t interested in anything else (except maybe the box and tissue paper) but that banana was definitely the new favourite. (It’s seen less lovin’ since, but it does move a lot so either it’s one very possessed banana, or KitKat still plays with it more than most of her other toys.)



Is it worth it?


I signed up for the £15.90 single box per month subscription. I did consider going for the cheaper £8 bimonthly box, but it works out to £16 per hampurr. (I know it’s only 10p extra, but that seems like sacrilege for a cheapskate first-timer.) I think they’re basically the same box no matter what version you order, though; you just get more or less boxes per month.


What was in it?


I somehow signed up for the Cat Hampurr just in time for their third anniversary, so KitKat got an extra surprise treat in addition to the “usual” items. Otherwise, there were five items in all:

  • 2 bags of treats
  • 1 toy
  • 2 tins of wet food
  • 1 tube of dry food

Every single one of them is good quality, with 80%-90% meat content and 100% organic catnip. I’m not hell-bent on giving KitKat only the best because I have to get most of her food from the supermarket (4% meat max!) but it’s still highly reassuring to know she’s getting at least some nutritional goodies inside her.


Value for money


Five items doesn’t seem like that much to the aforementioned cheapskate in me, but to buy toys and good quality treats like this myself would cost plenty more so I think it’s safe to say that this month’s Cat Hampurr is value for money. The extra surprise makes it even more so.

Sadly, KitKat is a very fussy cat so there were only three items she actually liked (the banana and the two tins of Thrive). She will eat the dry food if I mix it in with her Gourmet paté, but the rest of the treats went to my uncle’s many, many cats instead.

That’s not Cat Hampurr’s fault. I said before that KitKat is a fussy kitty. It’s not the first time some of the toys and treats I’ve bought her have gone to “charity” so I expected at least some of the hampurr to go to waste. (I’m honestly impressed that she liked as much as she did! Three out of six items ain’t bad, especially if you consider the sixth to be free.)



Emotional Value


If you also have a finicky cat, you might feel like a subscription box is a waste of money. For me, though, at least part of the value is in not stressing about what to buy for my cat. There’s so much out there that finding quality toys and treats that aren’t bad for them is overwhelming. Finding goodies that are actively good for them is a nightmare. It is well worth the money to sit back and let someone else make the decisions for you.

There’s emotional value for your cat, too. KitKat has more toys than either of us know what to do with. I try to rotate them so she doesn’t get bored, but she still has definite favourites. I hadn’t bought her anything new since Christmas and she’d been feeling a bit down lately between the onset of summer and a flare-up that meant I couldn’t play with her as much as she likes. Getting a new toy in the post was just the thing she needed to put a bit of a bounce back in her step.

I think the nutritional value of the foods has done her the world of good, too.


Overall Value


I wouldn’t look at these subscription boxes as the be-all and end-all of cat supplies. I see them as a way to trial products at something of a discount, figure out what your cat likes, and then go look for more of it on your own dime. Hampers still take out all the stress of deciding what to buy for yourself, and opens up your cat’s world to a whole new selection of goodies that might not normally be available in your own country.

To put it simply: if you can afford it, go for it! It’s worth a trial run, at the very least, and I suspect your cat will adore you for it. The Cat Hampurr team definitely win in my book.



20 Replies to “Cat Hampurr Review”

  1. KitKat is so cute! She looks just like two of my cats. Actually, what breed is KitKat? I have no idea what breed my cats are, they came as stray cats and I never really bothered finding out.
    My cats are somewhat picky but someday when I have the money to spare I might give this subscription box a shot, at least once, Between four cats, I’m sure the stuff wouldn’t do to waste!

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    1. Aww, thank you. xD Her groomer (sounds so posh but she clips KK’s claws because I can’t) thinks she has some Asian in her, though, because she’s got quite a pointy, triangular face (when it’s surrounded by that big, fluffy mane).

      Ooh, four kitties would definitely devour a box like this between them! If you only want to buy a one-off, though, most of the subscription services in my previous list do a gift box. Cat Hampurr’s is £19.90 (and oh, hey, they do a playtime box full of toys! *drool*) here if you want to check it out when you have a bit more dough. 🙂


      1. Also just best to have someone else do that. Turns out most cats aren’t fond of getting their claws clipped so best they dislike someone else for doing that and not you! Cat’s can really hold grudges when they want to xD
        Thanks for the links, definitely going to check them all out! Only one of my cats, Misty, likes play things (the indoor cat who looks like KitKat). All the others are generally more food focused. Misty has a sibling, called Sibling, who won’t come near us at all but is more than willing to hang out in the backgarden all day waiting for his breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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      2. Sibling sounds adorable. 😀 So does Misty, actually, but I didn’t want you to think it’s because she looks like KitKat and I’m in love with my cat! XD

        Getting KK’s claws clipped costs me £10 roughly once a month. It’s kind of expensive, but worth it because the lady comes to my house (I’m bed-ridden) on very short notice. (I’ve got KitKat in her crate. Are you free now?!) Mostly, I have to get it done by someone else, though, because my hands are too weak to get the clippers through the claws.

        I’ve been slowly getting KK used to being handled and held, which helps with fleaing and worming, so I’d like to think I’d do a better job at the clipping now than I did when I first got her. But you’re so right that it’s just not worth the hassle. That’s why I pay more for spot-on treatments when I could get her pills so much cheaper! Way less stress for us both lol

        Definitely sounds like an all-rounder box with treats and toys would keep them happier than just a toy box though. Let me know if you do get one or subscribe, I’d love to know how it goes! KK isn’t used to it yet so she doesn’t get excited, she’s more accustomed to pretty parcels being for me. (Oops? ¬_¬) I want to know if other kitties go nuts!


      3. I’ll cheap out for myself but when it’s comes to pets it’s often the case of ‘I could try this myself but I think I’ll just pay someone and make sure it’s done right!’
        Haha, well, Misty is a pretty nosey cat – whenever my mom comes back from doing a food shop, she’ll wake up from wherever she is so she can investigate and get her treat! (a bad habit pretty much all of my pets have had, expecting a treat when you come back from the shops!).
        It’s funny, we know Sibling and Misty are related because they both starting showing up at my house around the same time and look exactly the same, but they couldn’t be more different. Misty loves sleeping indoors and loves affection. She’ll go crazy over anything that’s new, but Sibling is a proper feral cat, he can’t meow and runs away from everyone (although over the past year or two he’s gotten a lot better around us, he doesn’t run very far now because he knows he’s getting fed!).

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      4. I’m the same! I’ve bought so much for KitKat’s that hasn’t been received very well, it always makes me feel like a failure of a cat mama. Letting someone else make those decisions means less stress over decision-making (should I get this or that? Is that expensive for what you get? Does it have crap in it that will make her poorly?) and if she doesn’t like it, well, it’s not my fault. xD

        Aww Misty the Curious. 😀 There are worse habits to encourage! KitKat’s only just started investigating when Tesco delivers my groceries. She used to just run and hide under the bed, but now she’ll pop out to sniff the crates (and then scarper when the delivery man comes back to them xD). She’s getting braver and braver, but I’ve had her 10 months now and she still has her jumpy days. I think Sibling will warm up more and more to you guys and in a few years he’ll be all over you like Misty. 😀

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      5. Haha, well, we have another outdoor stray cat, Crazy Face, whose been coming round for years. He was a lot like Sibling when he first appeared but now he doesn’t run away and will come up to the bowl if he sees you putting food into it. He can pet him while he’s eating but he’d rather you didn’t. I’m just hoping that Sibling will someday be like that!
        I was checking those cat subscription boxes but none of the cheaper ones deliver to Ireland, such a shame! It’s so hard finding decent boxes that ship here – and won’t get me caught for customs like all the American ones are likely to do! I’ll have to keep searching it seems. I do want to find one though. Until a few months ago Misty was an outdoor cat so we didn’t buy her interesting things but now that she’s living indoors…mostly (she gets put out at night because if we don’t she’ll start meowing at 4 in the morning and wake everyone up), I want to start getting her a few cats toys but I don’t know where to start. Let someone else pick for me!


      6. Oh, that’s a shame. 😦 I didn’t realise they don’t ship to Ireland. I will say that my Planner Society box ships from America and I haven’t been hit by customs yet, but I don’t know if any of the American cat boxes work the same way. You could email and ask if you’re likely to hit by customs with them? Or alternatively, contact any of the UK ones and ask if they’re willing to ship to you. Cat Hampurr’s team is responsive on Twitter, not sure about the others.

        Alternatively, ZooPlus is good for relatively cheap toys so you could get quite a few different ones and see which are her favourites (though with shipping, it might be more worthwhile to buy more than just a few!) But again, I don’t know if they ship to Ireland. They’re good for food, treats & other supplies if they do, though.

        In the meantime, you could try making your own toys from old toilet rolls. There’s a tutorial on Catster on how to make 5 (slightly) different ones. One of my carers taught me how to make balls from empty crisp packets, too, but I’m not sure how to explain it. (You basically just fold it in on itself repeatedly.) KitKat loves those because they smell of prawns and they skitter across lino really well, but she also likes the shop-bought tinsel-covered balls.

        If you can’t get a subscription box, I just suggest basically getting a bunch of different types of toys and seeing which of your kitties like them. It’s a pain having to test stuff out for yourself, though, so I hope you manage to find a sub that delivers to you!

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      7. I’ll keep searching! Hopefully I’ll find something, might get in contact with some of the companies as you suggested too. Thanks for all the tips you’re giving me! I never thought of making my own cat toys but it’s a great place to start until I can either get to the shops or find a subscription box! I have a feeling that the empty crisp packet ball could go down well – a toy that smells of food xD
        Although I’m starting to wonder if I really do need to buy toys. I spent a full 10 minutes today just watching Misty chase her tail round the leg of the kitchen chair followed by at least five minutes of her pouncing and playing with her food before she decided to eat it. Who said you need toys! xD Wish I could entertain myself that easily 😀

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      8. lmao omg At least Misty doesn’t chase her tail around on top of the cat tree! KitKat likes to do that and my heart is always in my mouth while she’s at it!

        Honestly, you’re right, though. Cats can generally entertain themselves, one way or the other. If you don’t mind sacrificing the odd hair bobble (if you use them) they’re apparently quite popular with cats, too. KitKat tends to not like everything that most other cats do, so the tips I find online are kind of useless in this house. xD I’m like a sponge for useless info, though, so if I can share it with someone else who can actually make use of it, all the better!

        I suggest subscribing to Cole & Marmalade’s YouTube channel too, by the way. Their Cat Daddy (I’m totally blanking on his name right now. Is that bad? I remember the kitties but not the guy behind their channel? O_O) does video tutorials that might come in handy, such as how to keep cats cool in summer (something else KitKat is being stubborn about. I can’t get her to drink more water for love nor money Dreamies) and how to make various toys/treats. Plus, you know, who doesn’t want more videos of cats? XD

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      9. No, but Misty does like to play on the stairs a lot and it terrifies me! What is it with cats and playing in dangerous places!
        And I have taken your suggestion and subscribed to Cole & Marmalade. I watched a few videos but managed to stop myself from watching too many as I’m meant to be doing productive things right now, not watching cat videos xD


      10. Oh yeah, I probably should have warned you not to check them out until you had time to waste. XD

        I dunno why cats like dangerous places, though. I guess maybe because they land on their feet they don’t even recognise that it is dangerous? 😮

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      11. Well Misty isn’t too great with that landing on her feet things so I don’t know why she keeps taking the risks. I guess we’ll never know! Whoever can figure out the mind of a cat will certainly make a fortune!


      12. Oh gosh they will. Have you seen those experiments where they’re inventing some sort of collar that translates cat meows into speech? Can you imagine if they bring that thing to fruition? All you’d hear all day is “Human. The bowl is empty. Feed me. Human. Human. I can’t find my toy. Not that one. Not that one either. Human. Human. Feed me. Pet m– never mind, don’t pet me I SAID DON’T PET ME.” XD

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      13. I heard about that, fairy certain none if it’s real though. Shame! I would like to know what’s going on in my cats head! At the moment I think it’s “I’m here. I’m walking here. Did you know I’m walking here. Are you here? You’re there. Okay. I’m lying down here. I’m lying down…where the other cat? You’re getting up. I’m following you. Are you going to my food. I’m not hungry but I want food.” xD

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      14. BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes! Or “Are you awake? I know you’re asleep but are you awake? Wake up. I brought you a toy and left it where you can’t reach it. Hey, hey. Are you awake yet? I’m staring at you in the dark. I don’t want you for anything, but I’m lonely and it’s dark. Wake up. Should I bring you another toy? Hey, hey, look at me, I’m playing with this other toy I brought you.” XD

        I’ve learned not to ignore KitKat at night, though. I know everyone’s all “ignore them and they’ll learn to leave you alone to sleep” which is totally true, but it also means she ignores me for the next few days! I’d much rather know she’ll come when I call her!

        I did see a video about a vest that allows dogs to communicate with pre-set messages, at least. (I think you’re probably right about the cat one being a hoax, sadly.) I can’t remember where I saw it (probably Facebook) but there’s a ball on one side that lets the dog call for help for their owner, and they implied there are other messages the vest is capable of too (though you only really see the “My owner needs your assistance” one in action). I think that’s more likely to make its way into actual use since it’s not much more advanced for certain dog breeds than being trained to assist the blind and disabled. It’s all very exciting but yeah, not really a translator since they are pre-recorded messages and probably limited to how many they can teach the dog to use.

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      15. We shall just have to keep waiting for someone to figure out human-animal communications!
        Haha, thankfully I don’t have to worry about cats at night. Misty gets kicked out before bedtime. I’m sure she’d like to stay inside but she’s incapable of spending the night inside and she never learned how to use a litter tray (all she ever did was sit in it). The few times I let her stay in at night usually result with someone having to get up at 4am to let her out because she’s crying at the door!
        Ollie though (my house cat who died last year), she did stay in. I never let her sleep in my room – because I’m allergic to cats and it goes badly when I let them sleep on my bed. I’d shut my bedroom door at night but sometimes she’d just start throwing her body full force against the door repeatedly until you opened it for it! Then she’d just casually walk into the room as if nothing happened and hop up onto the bed to sleep xD


      16. Aww Ollie sounds like a character. I’m sorry she’s gone. It is kind of astonishing the lengths they’ll go to get their own way, though! I had to give up on keeping KitKat out of the other half of the house where I can’t see her because she learned to open the door anyway. Luckily, she still spends most of her time in the bedroom with me, but there’ll be the odd noise and I’ll be like “oh gosh, what is she up to now?” XD (I’m lucky, too, that she’s really well behaved compared to all the stories I hear about kitties lol. I don’t worry too much about what she’s up to when I can’t see her.)

        I wish KitKat would sleep with me like Ollie did with you, even if it was only sometimes. I think KK just doesn’t trust me not to flatten her in my sleep, though. xD

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      17. They are persistent like that – you don’t want them going somewhere? Well, they’re gonna find a away in!
        Well, it was less Ollie sleeping with me than I happened to be occupant of that bed which she happened to want to sleep on! And I happen to toss and turn a lot while trying to get to sleep which I couldn’t do with her there because that bothered her…not that I’m afraid of my cats…not at all…but you know, you really didn’t want to be on her bad side xD


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