Week 20 Happy Planner Spread: Pink & Doilies

I was still trying to be different this week despite not really liking the blue layout for Week 19.


Week 20


I rediscovered some doilies when I was sorting through a box on my bed and decided to try one in my planner since I’m not likely to use them otherwise. I quite like how it looks and I planned (haha) to do a kind of “thankful for” thing with it — assuming my hands stopped hurting long enough for me to write neatly enough to make my vision a reality.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I tried anyway, but made a bit of a mess so I covered it up with stickers. It looks a bit random but still cute — and then I realised the pen was visible on the reverse side of the doily and had to cover that up, too!


Week 20


I actually started with the HOORAY journal card this week (from one of the My Mind’s Eye On Trend 2 12×12 die-cut sheets, I believe), rather than that being one of the last things to add. I cut it out a while back for something else and then forgot to put it away, so it’s a little banged up. I decided to use it rather than risk losing it again, so I paired it right away with the gold foil dot washi tape. Then I just had to figure out what to couple them with, and I wanted something to match the base pink of the weekends this time around instead of trying to cover it up or work around it.


Week 20


I kind of wish I’d used a different tape to cover the time of headers across the week, though. Maybe the yellow that matches this pink tape from The Planner Society’s March kit, because then I could have used the last of my girl stickers from that set. With just the pink tape, it was a bit tricky finding stickers that would fit. Still, I do like the overall pink theme. (It is my favourite colour, after all!)


Week 20


I don’t hate this spread like I kind of hated last week’s, but I wasn’t really looking forward to using it like I was with the layout I put together from The Planner Society’s April kit. I was excited to work with the doily, though! I need to figure out a way to stop the extra cards flapping around when I turn pages, though; they keep getting crinkled when I fold the planner in half and leave it open to today.


Week 20



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