Week 19 Happy Planner Spread: Blue Glitter

I don’t really like what I did with this week’s layout.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the blue glitter tape and all the pieces I used, but it just doesn’t feel right.


Week 19


I was trying to do something different since I’ve been using the same scheme for the last couple of weeks and for May’s spread. I wish I hadn’t bothered, though; there’s a reason I tend to use the same stuff, and it wouldn’t have hurt to stick with the current favourites for a while. As it is, I think this layout would have suited the winter months better than the spring.


Week 19


And yes, if you can read the tiny writing, KitKat threw up on Thursday night. It’s our first time since I adopted her, so it panicked me a bit, but most of the folk I spoke to about it think it was a pre-hairball evacuation and she’s been fine since. (No hairball in sight, though! o_O)



4 Replies to “Week 19 Happy Planner Spread: Blue Glitter”

  1. It does kind of look winter-y but nevertheless it is still beautiful. If anything, you could always pull it off as wanting to go for an elegant blue theme this week 😛


  2. AHA! Excellent idea, Jen! Let’s pretend that’s what I was going for. xD

    I’m glad you like it. Honestly, I think I’d love it if it were December, it just doesn’t feel right for this time of year, elegant blue or not. XD


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