The Planner Society: April review

I said in my review of The Planner Society’s March kit that it didn’t really do much for me initially, but then grew on me as I used it.

Previews of April’s kit, on the other hand, had me excited right from the start. Black can be tricky to design with, but Christy has done a bang-up job with this kit and I’ve already gone to town with it in my Happy Planner.


As with the March kit, April’s goodies were divided into separate paper bags that are gorgeous in their own right and match this month’s theme down to the ground.



At first glance, I thought the pencil case was covered in moulted bits of fabric and that it would shed badly in use, but opening the plastic bag proved me wrong. Whatever was shed in transit isn’t a problem now.


The Planner Society: April kit

What’s included

  • 6 sheets of paper
  • Pencil case/makeup bag with two zipped pockets
  • Pen
  • Girl stamp
  • Girl-shaped paper clip
  • Bow-shaped sticky notes
  • Divider tabs
  • 1 roll of washi tape
  • Pocket/journalling cards (4″x4″)
  • 2 sheets of stickers
  • Word stickers
  • 1 pack of die-cut shapes

I don’t expect to use the pen because it’s the slender type that doesn’t get on well with my hands, but it’s gorgeous and classy just like the rest of the kit.

The Papers

The papers are double-sided so you get two of each design — and even that’s not enough! XD

I already used one sheet of black for a divider, and then stuck the scraps on my May and Week 18 spreads because they’re too pretty to waste.


The Planner Society: April kit


There’s a good range of feminine peach & pink along with the classy black and a slightly “cottage garden” wood-based floral. (The bow print would go nicely in a black or business/work planner.)

As with last month’s kit, Christy has managed to turn themes I don’t normally like (wood just doesn’t normally do much for me in my planner) into something I adore. And while the papers are a good size (something like A4 but not quite, so maybe letter-sized?), they’re also not too big to use in my 9″ trimmer so I don’t have to faff around with a pencil and ruler the way I do with my 12″ papers.

The Planner Girl

The Planner Society’s iconic planner girl features twice in this kit in the form of a cling stamp and a gold paper clip. Both are a fair size — probably not something you want to use in your personal-sized Filofaxes, but great for the pièce de résistance of a larger planner’s spread.


The Planner Society: April kit


As I said last time, I can’t stamp very well because I don’t have the proper leverage. I also quit using the clips from March’s kit because my planner stays on the bed with me and I kept losing them. Even so, I was excited to receive these two girls and I may just use the clip after all. She’s big enough that I doubt she’d be easily dislodged the way the bow clips were.

Bows & Tabs

The bow-shaped sticky notes are crazy pretty. They’re a bit of an odd shape so it will be trickier to use them for straight-edged task lists like I prefer, but they’re too cute for that to matter — and, honestly, I’m probably going to use them for decorative purposes more than practical.


The Planner Society: April kit


The divider tabs are a bit more flimsy than I’d like, but I think you’re meant to laminate the dividers you make with them anyway. Either way, they’re gorgeous and they do the job. I wouldn’t want to use them for a tab I use often without the aforementioned lamination, but for something that’s visited only on occasion, they’ll stand up to the task just fine as they are.

(I used the pink/peach stripes for the blog section in my Happy Planner. My favourite is the black floral, though.)


The Planner Society: April kit


I can’t decide which is my favourite part of this kit, but that black floral washi is right up there. It unfortunately seems to shed white bits if you smooth it down with your thumb (as I tend to do to make sure my tape stays the hell down damn it) but I can work around that.

Stickers & Embellishments

I’m blown away yet again by the stickers in this kit. They’re small enough to be cute, big enough to be visible even in a fairly chaotic spread, and classy enough for even a work planner. (I can’t wait to use the mini envelope sticker for a happy mail day!)


The Planner Society: April kit


Likewise, the die-cut pieces are so pretty. I used the black bow the first chance I got. Just looking at them spread out on my blanket put stars in my eyes!


The Planner Society: April kit


I haven’t used the cards yet, but give me chance. And yes, that is gold foiling! How freaking gorgeous are these things? And whatever font Christy uses, damn but I want it for my own.


The Planner Society: April kit

Was it worth £30?

Well, you tell me.

The exchange rate meant I paid 13 pence more for April’s kit than for March’s, but it was still under £28 including shipping. And if you consider that the pencil case/makeup bag alone would cost between £10 and £15 online, the pocket cards around £3-5, the die-cut pack about £4, and the stickers at least £2 each…

I would definitely say it was worth the money in terms of value of goods. More than that, letting someone else pick for you and that it all matches makes it doubly valuable to me.

And who can beat a nice surprise in the mail?


The Planner Society: April kit

Are you a Planner Society girl?

Are you a subscriber to The Planner Society? If so, what did you think of April’s kit? Are you excited for May’s? I can’t wait to see some previews!





4 Replies to “The Planner Society: April review”

  1. Omg the kit is super cuteeee! But they are so expensive u_u $30 for one kit is crazy especially since I don’t live in the USA 😦 I wish I did! You guys get all the super cute goodies!


    1. I live in the UK, hon. 😉 It works out to around £28 per month, including shipping. And honestly, for what I can buy (online, at least, because I’m stuck in bed) for that much money myself, it’s actually good value for money.

      I’ve got a post coming up listing other subscription boxes for planners. There are a few available in the UK, I just prefer Christy’s. XD


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