April Happy Planner Spread: Black & Mint Fairies

Man, I love this spread so much!




It started out simple (haha!) I had some scraps of pretty cardstock leftover from the dividers I made for my Kikki K Why Not (which I may or may not ever get around to posting ¬_¬) and a pack of fairy-themed ephemera from Kaisercraft.

The minty washi tape with silver foil dots doesn’t stick very well so I had to take a glue stick to it, but it matched brilliantly with both the base colour of this month’s pages in the Happy Planner extension pack.




I added tiny envelopes so that I could include things like the arrival of happy mail without adding too much writing. (That’s also why the tag on the 9th is fixed with washi instead of glue. Lift it up and there’s a bit of writing underneath!




The envelopes were a pain to make, though. I thought they’d be fairly simple, but they’re too small for my We R Memory Keepers envelope punch board. I still used it for the base, but had to chop off the corners on the top and bottom flaps because they overlapped pretty dramatically.

And the bits of card I cut to be the “mail” inside are way too tiny. It’s hard to dig them out if you want them. But they look so damned cute, and it’s not like I’m going to be opening up these mini envelopes very often. Lesson learned, and I got a neat little embellishment out of it.




I like it so much I didn’t want to write on it. Luckily, April wasn’t very busy in terms of what I plan to put on my monthly spreads, so it’s not so bad. I kind of wish I hadn’t added KitKat’s med log, but I’m so forgetful and can’t always get on my Google Calendar to check when she’s due, so better safe than sorry.

By the way, the MAMBI pen loop is freaking huge. I’m kinda glad, though. I’m using a relatively thin pen right now, but who knows when I’ll need something a bit chunkier?



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