7 UK Cat Boxes

I’ve only tried Cat Hampurr (read my review) and Cattitude Box (unboxing & review) so I can’t do a proper review of the others for you. Feel free to try them out and let me know what you think!

Cat Hampurr
Screenshot of the Cat Hampurr website.

1. Cat Hampurr

  • Available in: UK
  • Monthly Cost: £15.90+
  • Shipping: Free within the UK
  • Cancellation: Log in to cancel (read their FAQ for details)
  • Number of items included: 5

Cat Hampurr offers three different types of subscription: monthly, every two months, or twice a month if you have more than one cat per household.

They also offer a few one-off gift boxes for £19.90 in case you’d like to try it out or would like to treat your kitties but don’t want to commit.

Cat Hampurr does a great job of both showing and telling you what goodies were included in previous months via their blog. They don’t specify which subscription they’re showing off, but I would guess it’s the monthly.

It looks like they include a lot of nice items, and I love that you can go for the cheaper option if you’re on a budget or your kitty just doesn’t need that much new stuff.

I also quite like their website. A good-looking website can make all the difference and it tells me they actually give a damn about their product. So do the photos on their blog, for that matter.

Screenshot of the Purrfect Box website.

2. Purrfect Box

  •  Available in: UK
  • Monthly Cost: £19.90 (or less if you pay for more months at once)
  • Shipping: Free
  • Cancellation: Log in at any time (see their FAQ for more details)
  • Number of items included: 5-6

Purrfect Boxes can be paid for on a monthly, tri-monthly, biannual, or annual basis, but you get the box every month regardless. (It took me a while to find the monthly cost and the available plans, which put me off a little bit.)

They’re designed for single-cat households, from what I can tell, but their FAQ says you can set up multiple profiles and then “manually swap which cat is to receive the next box”.

And that seems to be what makes Purrfect Box popular: that you can tell them about your cat, and they cater your subscription to traits like fur type, age, and weight. That makes sense, really; a box full of shampoo and grooming kits would be much less useful to a naked kitty than to a fluff-bomb!

Purrfect Box claims to include a variety of treats, toys, and hygiene products in each box, and their “previous boxes” page certainly suggests they live up to that. They’ve averaged at 7 items per box since December, which is more than the website promises, and the Christmas box included a cute little Simon’s Cat bowl. (On the one hand, that seems useless to cat families who are already set up. On the other hand, it’d be an awesome surprise for the cat and their staff! And I’m starting to find that you can never have too many bowls for your kitty, but that’s another story…)

Purrfect Box is more expensive than I’d like, but they have a great looking website and the photos on their home page promise plenty of good things are coming your way. Better yet, they have a section dedicated to showcasing previous boxes, so you get a much better idea of what you’re buying.

Screenshot of the PawPost website.

3. PawPost

  • Available in: UK (ships worldwide)
  • Monthly Cost: £22.95 (or less if you pay for more months at once) plus shipping
  • Shipping: £1.95
  • Cancellation: Log in
  • Number of items included: 4-6

It feels really cheeky to me that PawPost is charging for shipping when the other boxes in this list include it in their fee — especially since it’s also the most expensive subscription here. They do promise to save you “up to 40% on… recommended prices”, and they offer 15% off your first order, as well as donating a percentage to animal charities — but most of the other boxes I came across offer the same things, so PawPost isn’t really doing themselves any favours.

It seems like PawPost include some nice stuff in their boxes, but the preview photos on their home page make it hard to see what you’re actually getting. Their example of a cat box looks great, though, and contains a nice variety of goodies.

Screenshot of the Purr Boxes website.

4. Purr Boxes

  • Available in: UK
  • Monthly Cost: £9.95
  • Shipping: Free
  • Cancellation: Log in or email
  • Number of items included: 3+

“[T]hree or more carefully selected products and presents for your cat” doesn’t sound like a lot compared to some of the other subscription boxes I’ve come across, but it’s the cheapest so it makes sense there would be fewer items inside.

Unfortunately, while there are a couple of short reviews on their home page, Purr Boxes doesn’t provide much of a preview of what you get. They do have a cute list of the types of items you’ll receive, but it’s still difficult to judge if this is the box for you. (I did trollop through their twitter feed a bit to see what customers were posting and I do think previous boxes were worth the money, but you’d really have to buy one or two to be sure.)

Probably the best thing about Purr Boxes is that it is so much cheaper than others of its type. You might only get a couple of items per month in the Purr Box compared to some, but it should still work out cheaper than if you were to buy the goodies yourself, and it’s a better price overall for those on a budget. It would also be a great first option if you’re interested in trialling the subscription process before committing to anything.

Pet Nature Box
Screenshot of the Pet Nature Box

5. Pet Nature Box

  • Available in: UK
  • Monthly Cost: £18.00
  • Shipping: Free within the UK
  • Cancellation: Their blog claims you can cancel at any time but I can’t find the FAQ or details on how. I assume you log in to your account
  • Number of items included: 5-6

The preview page of the Pet Nature Box has the word “awesome” on the photo for the kitty version, and I have to agree: it really does look awesome. (They also have a previous boxes page which is updated every month but doesn’t allow you to see past months. They featured Sarah Loves Paper’s YouTube unboxing in March, though, and it really does look like a neat little box.)

Judging by the contents shown in the example, the Pet Nature Box has made it to my own personal shortlist along with Cat Hampurr and the Purr Box. It’s just a little expensive when they don’t really give you any idea what you’re actually buying.

Pet Care Box
Screenshot of the Pet Care Box website.

6. Pet Care Box

  • Available in: UK
  • Monthly Cost: £12.99
  • Shipping: Free to my address, but you have to go to the checkout to calculate
  • Cancellation: Unknown
  • Number of items included: Unknown

This one is unusual in that the Pet Care Box caters more to your pet’s healthcare needs, including flea & tick treatment and de-worming medication, than to spoiling them. The one for cats mentions Beaphar Fibrotec as their chosen brand for preventing fleas and ticks, which is thankfully a spot-on for those of us with clever kitties too smart for our own good.

They’ve also chosen Beaphar for their wormer, but this brand apparently comes in syrup, granule, cream, and pill format — and Pet Care Box don’t specify which. That’s bad news when your cat can sniff out worming tablets a mile away!

On the other hand, having these necessities drop through your letter box once a month means you don’t have to remember to stock up for yourself. And you might find that this subscription will save you money on your cat’s medications, depending on your current brand.

That said, my cat’s treatments work out at £6.80 per month, so it really depends what else is in this box as to whether it’s good value. They unfortunately don’t itemise the rest, just that they cover all your pet’s “basic healthcare needs”, so it’s impossible to gauge without actually buying one.

Cattitude Box Website
Screenshot of the Cattitude Box website.

7. Cattitude Box

  • Available in: UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Monthly Cost: £27.95
  • Shipping: Free
  • Cancellation: Unknown, but you create an account during sign-up so I imagine you can log in to cancel
  • Number of items included: 5-7 (3-4 for you and 2-3 for your cat)

I wrote a full review and unboxing here, so I’ll keep this short and sweet: the Cattitude Box honestly seems to have taken my favourite bits from other subscriptions (personalisation, donating some of the proceeds to kitty charities, offering a one-off gift/trial box to try it out before you commit, cute artwork and a good-looking website that’s easy to navigate, and they’re up-front about costs).

Through my emails with Farah, the “Chief Cat Lady” at Cattitude Box, I’ve also been impressed by their willingness to take constructive criticism and the speed of their responses. It feels very much like they care about their customers (furry or not).

I’ll let you read my review for more detail, but Cattitude Box is definitely on my short list for subscriptions.

7 subscription boxes for British cats
7 subscription boxes for British cats

What would you choose?

When I started writing this post, I’d decided not to get a subscription box for KitKat. She’s already got more toys than either of us know what to do with, a cat tree taller than most of the people who visit us, a water fountain, two litter boxes, and a nice stash of Dreamies and Cosma snackies.

What more could she possibly need?

Since then, we’ve tried three different cat boxes and they’ve all been fun to open.

I’d be interested to hear if any of you have tried any of these (or all of them?) and what you think. If you’ve tried more than one, which was your favourite and why? And if you haven’t subscribed to any yet but are seriously considering it, which boxes are on your short list and what made you put them there?

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