How to create a workspace in Liquid Story Binder

If you have a bunch of files in Liquid Story Binder, opening and closing them as you need them can be a daunting task that involves scrolling through an immense list to find what you want.

Workspaces are a great way to make that easier: just stick a bunch of files together, save it as a workspace, and then reopen that workspace whenever you want those files.


Workspace with Outline


The best thing about LSB workspaces is that you can set them up by book or by work mode. The files I use to brainstorm and world-build, for instance, are going to be vastly different than the ones I use for character development, which in turn will be different from the files I need for writing. (I don’t need character dossiers if I’m working on my world, after all.)

I like to save “sessions” as workspaces, so if I’m writing a chapter that involves two characters and a particular setting, I can reopen those files and the chapter with a single click.

Likewise, I save workspaces for writing and revising. (The former mostly consists of inspirational images in the background, a list of potential names so I don’t have to scour my brain for something on the fly, and the draft I’m working on. A workspace for revision usually opens the draft, repetition visualiser, line note viewer, and word usage windows.)


Workspace with image


Great! How do I do this thing?

Creating a workspace is easy peasy!

  1. Open all the files you want in your workspace and arrange them however you want them.
  2. Click on “Workspaces” in the main menu.
  3. Hit “Save workspace”.
  4. Give the new workspace a name that will mean something to you a year from now.
  5. Click OK.

That’s seriously it!


How to create a workspace in Liquid Story Binder


A word to the wise: I really do mean it when I say to give your workspaces names that mean something. I’ve got names like “Champions!” and I have no idea what they’re for, even when I reopen them. I honestly have no idea what I was thinking when I made them. (Oops?) If you have a workspace for when you’re revising Book 2, save it as “Revising Book 2”.



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