Hello Kitty cat bowl

When I first decided to rescue a cat, I got a couple of identical bowls from Pet Planet. They were supposed to be stoneware with rubber feet. Only one had the rubber foot, and the other was only painted “ceramic” on the outside.

I donated them to Rain Rescue when the co-ordinator delivered KitKat to my house. I’m shallow, you see, and there was nothing actually wrong with the bowls. I just wanted matching cat-ware that wouldn’t slide all over the placemat I got to protect the Lino in the hall.

Finding replacements


I went to Amazon next and was dismayed to find that all the bowls I liked the look of, and that were also ceramic (because I’d read repeatedly that plastic can cause chin acne in cats) were a good £10 each. There were a few that were cute and cheaper, but reviews suggested they would be too small for an adult cat so I passed them over.

And then I discovered this adorable three-section bow-shaped Hello Kitty bowl for £9.99. (In case anyone’s counting, that’s half what it would have cost for two separate bowls.) I was immediately sold, and not least because it’s Hello Kitty. I wasn’t sure what I’d need the third section for, but I couldn’t pass it up.


First impressions


I was so happy when I got it. It’s very heavy, but I immediately found a use for that third section: KitKat was getting water in one end, dry food in the other end, and wet food in the middle. (She now only gets wet food and water, but the third section is still good for the occasional treat of cat milk.)


Hello Kitty bowl

In the long term


Unfortunately, as much as I love it, the bowl isn’t all that practical. Its weight would suggest KitKat couldn’t knock it over, but she does bump it during her more vigorous play sessions and then there’s water all over her placemat (and sometimes the fluffy base of her cat tree, too). Carers have to bend over and reach awkwardly under the hammock to retrieve it, refill it, and put it back — which, of course, causes accidents of its own. And KitKat frequently drops food in the water section and then refuses to drink because her water is “tainted”.

Not all of this is because of the design of the bowl. The weight wasn’t such a problem when her bowl was out in the open in the hall. Tidy eaters probably won’t have trouble with cross-contamination, either. KitKat’s quirks just mean this bowl isn’t very practical for her.

It’s still better than the original bowls I bought, and not that much more expensive, either. It certainly looks better than they did, and it will suffice until I can find a nice fountain for her that won’t also keep me up all night. xD



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