Week 13 Happy Planner Spread: Pastel Blue & Foiled Gold

I’ve moved into my Botanical Gardens Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas this week. (I’ll be doing a full review and reveal post of it and the Peony Happy Planner soon.)

I had a great deal of fun decorating this one. I’d started to feel a little bit like I was just going through the motions in my personal Malden. There’s just not enough room to be creative (which generally makes me feel more productive and better in myself) as well as leave space to write everything you need, and I was fed up with fighting all the inserts that kept trying to explode everywhere every time I opened the rings.


MAMBI Botanical Garden
Side view of my MAMBI Botanical Garden Happy Planner.


I’m much happier in the Happy Planner. It’s got the right heft for my hands to feel comfortable, and you can bend it back on itself like any spiral-bound notebook to make writing in it easier so the discs don’t get in the way like the Filofax rings do. I also love that you can tear out the pages to decorate, then put them back in easily without ever running the risk of losing half your weeks.


Botanical Extension
Extension tabs in the MAMBI Botanical Garden Happy Planner.


The Planner Society’s March kit arrived just in time for me to really go to town on the April month spread and the first two weeks.


Washi and stickers
Stickers from The Planner Society, and washi tapes from various stores.


I just bought some foil washi from Craft Stars and Hey Little Magpie and it’s seriously gorgeous. I got a stack of my favourites out of my washi box ready for decorating but decided I didn’t need that many different colours and patterns and just used three foils and the blue scallop instead. The result is pretty subtle and subtley pretty, and it matches the blue scheme of this month in the extension pack beautifully.


Washi tape


I know I said in my review of The Planner Society March kit that I wasn’t keen on the yellow and green (especially the mustard on some of the prints), but the stickers go so well with the gold foil tapes and I’m really happy with this week’s layout.


Week 13
Week 13 in my MAMBI Botanical Garden Happy Planner.


I didn’t bother trying to match my pen to the decor this week and just used my Sakura Pigma Micron 05 instead. My writing is neater as a result, so I don’t feel like I’ve ruined the spread with all my to-dos and notes. (Of course, that might change if I add too much more!)



10 Replies to “Week 13 Happy Planner Spread: Pastel Blue & Foiled Gold”

      1. They’re worth the money when you can afford to buy some. I love them so much I’m destashing a lot of other washis that I didn’t really like just to make room for more lol. I have other gold tapes, for instance, but they’re metallic and don’t hold a candle to the foils!


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