The Planner Society: March kit review

March was my first month as a subscriber to Scarlet Lime’s The Planner Society kits. I’ve seen tons of photos from previous months but I was reluctant to fork out nearly £30 for a selection of goodies when I might not like them all.

I eventually decided that it would probably be cheaper to subscribe and let someone else pick for me than to spend a fortune on various sites and still not quite be satisfied on delivery. (February’s reveal is probably what sold me, if I’m honest.)

This post includes spoilers for The Planner Society’s March kit. Please don’t read it if you haven’t received yours yet and would still like to be surprised by the contents.


The Planner Society March Kit
Preview of The Planner Society March planner kit.


I’ve got to admit, I was a tiny bit disappointed when Christy started showing sneak previews on her Instagram account. Previous months had ticked all my boxes as far as appeal went, from colour and style right down to the designs included. It didn’t look like the same could be said for the March kit.




By the time I received the email telling me my package was on its way, I was getting cold feet — and I was getting impatient.

That all changed when the envelope popped through the letter box. It didn’t take long to get here at all (about a week and a half). I remember a package from supermart USA, an American-based seller on Amazon, taking almost a month to get here. With that in mind, and considering the astronomical fees many other US sellers want, I’d say The Planner Society’s shipping fees are very reasonable.


Receiving the goods

The minute I saw the label, I was almost giddy with excitement — edged by concern that it was such a small “box”, considering the price.

Boy, was I wrong to worry.


The Planner Society March Kit
Reverse side of the papers from The Planner Society March planner kit.


As thin as it is (made to fit through a letter box), the envelope contains quite a few items, and they’re all well protected from accidental bending by a thick piece of corrugated card. The inclusion of smaller bags to open somehow makes it seem like there’s a heck of a lot more in it than there actually is. It’s kind of like Christmas, when your parents buy a bunch of stocking fillers and wrap them individually just to give you the pure joy of ripping them all open.

(I was a little bummed that I couldn’t save the bags, honestly, because they’re cute in themselves. I might try to use scraps to decorate my planner, too, because it would be a shame to just throw them away.)


What’s in the kit this month?


The Planner Society March Kit
All goodies from The Planner Society March planner kit.


  1. Yellow floral washi tape (1cm wide).
  2. Pink floral washi tape (1.5cm wide).
  3. 3 sheets of medium-weight double-sided cardstock.
  4. Lovely fat pen. I can’t quite tell if it’s ballpoint, gel, or rollerball but it writes well.
  5. 5 sets of clear task list stamps.
  6. 2 quote/inspirational cards.
  7. 2 felt bow paper clips.
  8. 1 bag stuffed with sequins.
  9. 3 wood veneer page markers.
  10. 1 pack of large sticky notes.
  11. 3 sheets of flat stickers.
  12. 1 sheet of puffy stickers.
  13. 1 pack of approximately 16 die-cut ephemera.


The papers

I said already that I’m not thrilled with this month’s colours. I’m not a huge fan of yellow or green in general, but they’re very seasonal and I love the kit overall.

I probably won’t use the papers in my planner as intended, but I’ve been making mini cards lately so I’ll probably use them for that or envelopes instead.


Update (15th April, 2016):  I’ve been using them, after all. The colours really grew on me!


A couple of these patterns are really yummy. My favourite is the one on the left in the picture below.


The Planner Society March kit
Papers from The Planner Society March planner kit.


The tapes

Again, I’m not enthusiastic about the tapes in this month’s kit. They do fill a colour void in my collection, and I’m on a floral kick right now so you can never have too many of those, but I much prefer the tapes in previous months.

I think these might grow on me, though, especially once my Happy Planner arrives and I have more room to play decorate.


The Planner Society March Kit
Washi tapes from The Planner Society March planner kit.


The stickers

The stickers are really what made me ooh and ahh over this kit. They’re absolutely gorgeous. Even the yellow and green doesn’t put me off in the slightest, and I can’t wait to start using them.


The Planner Society March Kit
Stickers from The Planner Society March planner kit.


They are a bit on the big side if you’re working in a personal-sized planner. I expect that’s mostly because I don’t like to cover everything up on my WO2P pages, though. I’m really excited to use them in my Happy Planner.


The Planner Society March Kit
Stickers from The Planner Society March planner kit.


I’ve discovered a new love for sticker flakes, too*. They’re not really any different from regular pre-cut stickers: you peel them off the backing and stick them down just the same.

The benefit of the sticker flakes, though, is that you can place them and move them around without sticking them down until you’re ready because they’re already cut out: you can see around them as if they were already peeled and stuck. That’s a big plus for someone who changes her mind a lot.


Update (15th of April, 2016): While this is still true of sticker flakes, the bits pictured above from the March kit are actually die-cut ephemera. There’s no adhesive on the back so you have to glue them in yourself. They’re still damned cute, though!


I was surprised to find puffy stickers in a kit intended for planners. Most of the planner peeps I know prefer flat decoration so the pages don’t pad out more than necessary (especially in ring-bound planners like Filofaxes). I guess these stickers are intended for things like DIY paper clips or decorating your dashboard, but they’re really cute and I don’t think the thickness will be a problem even on regular planner pages.


The Planner Society March Kit
Goodies from The Planner Society March planner kit.


The sticky notes

There’s a spot of spring freshness to these, but the sticky notes (pictured above) are relatively plain and have a fair amount of real estate for writing. Couple them with the task list stamps and they’ll make brilliant checklists, and they’re large enough to stand out against even a heavily decorated spread for important notes and reminders.

By the way, have I mentioned I’m in love with the TPS girl featured on the stickers? She seems to be in every kit in one way or another, and I don’t think she’s ever managed to look dowdy. Her outfits are so cute, I feel fashionable just looking at her — and I don’t normally bother about the way I look!


The clips & page markers

I’m not enamoured with paper clips. The ones I normally have access to tend to crumple the page and get in the way, and they look ugly while doing it.

I was wondering how to make page markers for my Happy Planner when it arrives, though. These clips will at least tide me over while I figure it out — and they’re growing on me, the more I look at them, so maybe I’ll keep using them. The wooden ones will be especially useful, and the pink bow kind of matches my Kikki K Why Not. 😀


The Planner Society March Kit
All goodies from The Planner Society March planner kit.


The stamps

I can’t do a proper review of these until I’ve had a chance to try stamping with them — and even when I have, I’m crippled by lack of work space and physical disability so my stamping tends to look shoddy, anyway.

Still, they look really cute in their little baggy, and they seem like they’ll be the perfect size for the daily boxes on my Happy Planner when it arrives. Maybe the Erin Condren, too, if you have one.

Perfect timing, really! I was wondering how I’d manage to write in a straight line in the vertical layout of the MAMBI.


Update (15th of April, 2016): I have tried stamping with this set. They are very cute, but I had the same issue with them as any other stamps I’ve tried: I just can’t enough leverage to make a clear image so they turn out fuzzy and splotchy. I covered them up and haven’t tried them since, but anyone who can stand up to do their stamping will have a much better time of it.


The Planner Society March Kit
Goodies from The Planner Society March planner kit.


The quote cards

These would make great dashboard embellishments. I especially like the one that says “planner girls are the prettiest girls”. I never really felt pretty as a person until I joined the planner community. (I mean, I still don’t really feel beautiful on the outside, but I’m a lot happier in myself. Planner girls are generally very lovely people.)

I might turn the other one into a card, especially if I do make envelopes from the papers, but it’s almost too pretty to give it away so maybe not…


The pen

I’ve spent a small fortune finding pens that I can write with. I have painful hands, so it’s tough to find fat barrels that also write smoothly (and look good!) This one is more compact than I’d like in terms of height, but it’s fat enough to hold comfortably despite that.

It’s weird, though. I initially thought it was a ballpoint because it just has that kind of nib, but it writes like a rollerball. Maybe it’s one of those hybrids I’ve read about on Cult Pens, but I’m pretty sure it’s a regular rollerball which are my favourite pens.

It doesn’t match any of my planners, but it might just become my new favourite pen regardless. I used it on one of my ALDI clipboards to do some blog planning and my handwriting — which is badly affected by the type of pen I’m writing with — was super neat even though my wrist was hurting badly at the time.

The ink comes out more grey than black because it doesn’t flow very thickly, but I happen to like that.


Pen test
Testing the pen from The Planner Society March planner kit.


Is it worth it?


There’s not much you can get these days for around £27.50 (which is the total monthly bill I paid for the March kit plus shipping to the UK). You certainly can’t get this much stuff for that kind of money if you buy it all separately (the stamps alone would be something like £10 on most websites), so that alone makes it worth it to me.

And despite what I’ve said about being a little disappointed with this month’s colours, I do love the kit overall and I’m really excited for next month’s. (By the time it arrives, I’ll probably have forgotten it’s even on its way, so it really will be happy mail!)

In short, I really do recommend it.


Update (15th of April, 2016): The longer I’ve had these goodies in my go-to planning box, the more they’ve grown on me!




So how about you? Are you a long-term subscriber to The Planner Society, or a newbie like me? Did you like this month’s kit? How excited are you to start using it?


9 Replies to “The Planner Society: March kit review”

    1. Yeahhhh. I really shouldn’t keep buying, but I’ve been struggling a lot with depression and anxiety on top of my M.E. so it’s hard to say no if it’s the only thing that keeps you happy. :/

      And honestly, I know this review is a bit on the negative side, but I was very happy to receive this kit. I’m hoping it will help me spend less because I won’t be constantly looking for stuff to buy! (It probably won’t work, but, you know. xD)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You can always hope! Hopefully knowing you shouldn’t buy things until you see what you get in the box will keep the temptation away 🙂
        And I know how that feels – been suffering from anxiety a lot since I finished college and buying things helps distract me from that. Using a planner helps my anxiety in two ways then; making lists help me feel in control and buying pretty things for it distracts me xD


  1. I feel you! I forget a heck of a lot of stuff so planners are a must. I used to use a standard spiral notebook and sort of bullet journal in it. (I say sort of because it was basically just a brain dump) but then I found out about actual bullet journalling and gave it a try in a Moleskine. I hated having to rewrite my todo lists every day when I didn’t get them done, but it set me on the path to Filofaxes.

    I’ve recently discovered the MAMBI Happy Planner. I wasn’t quite satisfied with my Malden. The rings just aren’t working for me. Hopefully the HP will work better. I’m already in love and haven’t even really opened it properly yet. xD

    Just be careful, hon. Not to be patronising but I found out the hard way that buying things to distract yourself only works for a little while, and it can get bloody dangerous. I feel like I’m learning to handle it, but it’s still a lot of added stress when I buy something and then panic that I can’t really afford it. *squish*


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