Spot the cat!

I’ll give you a hint:



This is interesting because KitKat normally doesn’t go up on the top two levels of this cat tree. I heard from the lady who clips KitKat’s claws for me (after I’d already bought the tree, thinking all cats like high perches) that cats fall into two categories: bush and tree dwellers.

The latter, of course, are those cats who prefer to keep an eye on things from tall shelves because it’s safer to them than the ground. I realised too late that KitKat does the exact opposite. When she hides, she goes low: one of her early hiding spots was behind the TV cabinet, and another was the bottom shelf of the bookcase beside my bed, in the far side of the room where no one but me could see her.




Now, she prefers to hide under the bed itself, if she’s going to hide at all, so it’s fairly obvious in hindsight that she’s a bush dweller and the tree was never going to be the kitty paradise I imagined. (Don’t get me wrong, she does use it. She loves the little house in the middle, and she scratches the crap out of all the poles she can get her fluffy little paws on. She also uses it as a ladder to sniff around on top of the bookcase that contains all my craft supplies, but I suspect she’s patrolling for spiders so I’m glad she doesn’t go up there often. Or maybe I should want her to go up there more?)

Unfortunately, the top two levels of the tree have gone largely ignored, save for when she thinks there are treats up there or she’s in the middle of one of her crazy mad hours where she suddenly seems to think she’s Supergirl and can bound tall buildings in a single leap.




She also doesn’t like soft, insecure surfaces so the hammock is basically just a net for her toys when the carers want them out of their way. I wouldn’t say I wasted £60 on this thing, or the two hours it took for my Dad to set it up for us, but we don’t seem to have been getting our money’s worth out of it, either.

And then I got sick of this throw making my legs itch. I wasn’t even using it as a blanket, anyway (I originally bought it because I had some massive cushions for knee support that I couldn’t find proper covers for) and it’s spent the past three months screwed up at the bottom of the bed, serving as the entrance to a “cave”. KitKat liked to hide under it and then stalk “prey”. It was hilarious watching the blanket twitch like that chest-bursting scene from Alien.

Sadly, I couldn’t keep it on the bed any longer. I was ready to claw my legs off with all the itching, and I was convinced the blanket was making it worse. (So far, I’ve been proven correct.) After a good wash to try and get rid of the feathers it sucked out of the cushions, I asked one of my carers to throw (haha) it over the cat tree. I figured, if KitKat likes caves, maybe she’d like it there and we’d just be moving her stalker zone instead of getting rid of it altogether.



So far, it hasn’t been a terrible success, but she does spend more time up there. She likes to get on the top shelf of the tree and stick her paws out from under the blanket. I’m not sure how she doesn’t suffocate, but I don’t worry too much while the blanket keeps twitching. (It’s also helped stop my carers from dumping their stuff on KitKat’s territory like it’s a freaking hat stand. I have a coat hook in the hall for a reason, you oafs.)



2 Replies to “Spot the cat!”

  1. Yes, we had the same thing happen with Kismet. She is a bush dweller so the top two levels rarely got used. However, when we got Aria she used the top two, so we have one tree dweller too! The vat stuff gets used by both. Kismet loves the scratch mats, Aria loves the high places. Kismet loves the scractch slide, Aria loves the climb the walls, hehe.


    1. KitKat’s changed her mind a bunch of times since I started writing this post lol. She spent most of her time up on top of the tree for a few days, and now she’s gone back to the little house in the middle. I can’t say for sure anymore that she’s either a bush or tree dweller because she doesn’t seem to know for hersel! XD

      I’m just glad the tree’s getting more use out of it than it did originally. 🙂 It sounds from your comment that the cat trees are more worth their value if you have multiple cats, though!


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