Korean Watercolour Pens Review

I bought these pens for £3.19 off eBay because I’d seen them around a lot in the planner community. They’re as cute in person as they are in the pictures I’ve seen, and I do enjoy writing with them. The nib is so fine that there’s no bleed-through on the thin Filofax inserts I’ve got in my Malden, and you can write really small lettering (a boon for personal-sized planners where you have a tiny little box on the monthly pages).


Korean Watercolour Pens


Unfortunately, they’re so thin I really shouldn’t write with them. I get a lot of pain in my wrists (especially in my dominant hand) so I’m usually much more careful about the pens I buy. I knew before I put these in my basket that they’re far too slender to do my wrist any good, but I bought them anyway because they look so yummy.



If you don’t have any issues with your hands and you’re looking for a lovely set of gel pens with vivid ink and (mostly) good flow despite the tiny tip, then you can’t go far wrong with these. They can feel a little bit scratchy if you tip them too far, but that’s an easy fix and I’ve not had any trouble with skipping.

If, like me, you need chunkier pens to save yourself some pain, then you really need to look elsewhere (or buy yourself a nice little pen pot to show them off instead).


Korean Watercolour Pens


UPDATE (15h April, 2016): I stopped using these pens, largely because I switched out of my Filofax into a MAMBI Happy Planner, but also because the ink didn’t last very long at all. They were too skinny to write a lot of notes comfortably, too. I’m doing better with my Sakura Micron Pigma drawing pens now.



UPDATE (8th March, 2017): I’ve started using these pens again for the odd colour co-ordinated weekly spread because they’re too damned cute. They’re still difficult to write with and most of them have dried up if there was ever any ink in them to begin with, but the fine nibs mean I can make my handwriting super tiny. They make better props than pens, though. ;D


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