Kipling 100 Review

If you have an obsession with pens, you’ll know how difficult it can be to store them. Pencil cases can be so expensive, especially if you want them to look good, and they only store a limited number of writing utensils. I have two triple-pocket cases that I bought from W. H. Smith years ago, but even they’re stuffed to overflowing.

I discovered folios last year, such as the Webster’s Pages cases that let you store a few sheets of stickers and pens and other bits for your on-the-go planning. Since I’m stuck in bed and can’t get to what few shelves I own, these travel wallets seemed like a great idea. I went on eBay and got one for about 99p. It’s not what I’d hoped, though. It’s bulging at the zip even though all I have in it are my post-it notes and stickers, and I still had to find a place for my pens.

Travel Wallet

Kipling to the rescue! I’d seen a few of their 100 pencil cases on Pinterest and they looked exactly what I needed and pretty enough to satisfy my shallow need for even my storage solutions to look good. (The monkey keychains certainly helped sell it, I won’t lie.) I ordered the denim case off the UK website and practically vibrated out of my skin in excitement — so imagine my horror when it turned up and wasn’t the light-washed denim their website suggested but an ugly navy blue.

(Cue lots of dramatic fake sniffling to make people feel my woe.)

I was jealous of our American cousins, too. Their Kipling pencil cases get love hearts inside them, while ours just get plain boring grey lining! What’s the deal, Kipling? Don’t you love us?

Anyway, I made the mistake of going on the USA site to check out the competition and fell in love with the purple and silver. I couldn’t make my mind up which to get. I mean, just look at them.

One of my new year resolutions was to stop spending money on “useless” stuff (especially now I’m “saving up” for a new computer and bedroom redesign) so I really shouldn’t have ordered both (especially when you take into account the $23 shipping fees) but I got a discount and I couldn’t resist.

It took forever for them to get here (like, two weeks, tops) but they were everything I dreamed and more. There’s just something about the little love hearts on the inside that does things to me.

Crochet Case

Alas, the elastic is so tight that most of my pens don’t fit easily. I mean, they do, but you really have to shove them in there (especially the Frixion pens). I guess it’s because I have to use chunkier pens because of my hands, but there’s no way I could squeeze in any of my pens with rubber grips. Basically, if the pen fits easily in this thing, it’s too thin for me to write with comfortably.

Purple Kipling

The best part about these cases isn’t just that they have dedicated pen loops that make finding your favourites easier, but that there’s a fairly deep “basket” for storing other stuff, too.

Purple Kipling

My purple Kipling has several layers of pens in the plastic cases they came in, or in 50p clear cases from Wilkinson’s. It’s not as easy as reaching in and picking out a pen straight away because you’ve got to pull out the correct pencil case, open it, grab your pen, and move on — but it’s still much easier than rummaging randomly and pricking yourself on your scissors or sharpener.

Purple Kipling

There’s also room for my mini Maped single-hole punch, two glue sticks (one permanent and the other temporary for DIY sticky notes), and my disability-friendly scissors (because my nippy snips are great for detail work, but not if I’m doing a lot of cutting).

I even have room for my colouring supplies! Though my watercolour pencils are in a tin that’s too big for this case, so I have to keep it separate.

Purple Kipling

I found another use for the second case, since I really couldn’t justify buying it otherwise.  I mean, I could have used it to store the rest of the pens I barely use, but it’s perfect for storing my crochet hooks and I’ve been looking for a new hook roll for ages.

Purple Kipling

Most purpose-built hook rolls don’t really account for the extra width of ergonomic hooks and don’t give you space for extras like your scissors. This one does both, though you do have to sacrifice pen loops because you can’t fit the ergonomic hooks side by side. (You could probably fit the really tiny hooks in between, but those things are way too thin for me to handle. At all. Like, it would just feel like I was holding air and my hands would be like “whuuuut”.)

Platinum Kipling

The base of this one also has extra goodies. This cute pencil case contains random small bits like my thumb protector thing (thimble. It’s a thimble) and sewing needles.

I had to just dump in my heavyweight fabric scissors because they’re so big that they only fit catey-cornered, but it’s great to have all my crochet and sewing tools together. (Or, it will be, once I’ve got my stitch markers and pin cushion in here. They’re currently still attached to the tissue box caddy I crocheted a few years ago and that knocked over to spill my hooks and scissors everywhere at the drop of a hat…)

Kipling 100 Review
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14 Replies to “Kipling 100 Review”

    1. Mmmmmm, they’re so versatile and handy. 😀 I don’t recommend just dumping stuff in the basket, as that way lies chaos and random lost stuff you forget about at the bottom of the pile, but it’s really easy to divvy stuff up into smaller pouches and really maximise the space in the “basket” part. I’ve seen people online use the basket for washi tape storage, and/or add an elastic band to the underside of the pen board to store stickers and such, too.

      I’m not sure if they do these particular colours anymore even on the US website, but they’ve usually got really nice colours and prints to choose from. (That’s kind of how I wound up with three, though. I have the willpower of a thing with no willpower, seriously. XD)

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    1. I definitely love it for the crochet storage! My newest acquisitions don’t fit in the pen loops (wooden hooks, 12mm, 15mm and 25mm) but I didn’t think they would lol. But I can fit all my other crochet/knitting and sewing supplies in one Kipling and don’t have to worry about them all falling out all over the place like I did with my old solution.

      I have to admit, Kipling can be expensive, though. Me and My Big Ideas just came out with a line of similar cases in the US if you can get hold of them, but I was disappointed in the quality of their planner hole punch so I don’t know if they’re value for money, or if it would be better to go with the Kipling (which seem much hardier, generally speaking). Just figured I’d give you another option, in case. ;D

      Oh, and apparently Smiggle do similar but much smaller pencil cases. I never had anything from Smiggle, though, so I don’t know about quality or value for money or if they’re available where you live. :/


      1. Er, by knitting supplies, I don’t mean actual knitting needles. You wouldn’t be able to fit those in. Maybe the really small dpns, but yeah, even the straight shorts would be too long…


    1. Hi there!

      I haven’t noticed any difference in quality, no. The materials are definitely different, though (the silver is more metallic and feels more synthetic).

      I don’t travel with mine (I’m bed-bound and they’re sitting pretty in a Raskog cart beside my bed) so I can’t attest to their longevity. I think the silver would probably snag more easily on something sharp, but doesn’t seem like it would stained as easily as the purple if you spilled something on them, and they both feel to me like they’d take a general beating quite well. 🙂

      Do you have Kiplings of your own or are you considering one? It can be really hard to pick just one! They came out with a pastel range shortly after I wrote this review and it took everything in me not to just buy them all. XD (Plus, you know, lack of money and everything. >_>)

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      1. I know the feeling! I feel like buying several things whenever I visit the store. I currently don’t have access to a brick and mortar one, and I ordered a metallic wallet off of ebay. I own several kipling products that I’ve purchased over the years but this is my first metallic one, and somehow the texture feels very strange. A bit like its melting. And there seems to be more of a bubbling effect, and 2 very tiny grey patches, which is why I was wondering if I landed up with a defective piece or if its normal. I tend to be a little nit picky about things I buy so maybe its just me..Thank you so much for answering me 🙂 I really appreciate it!

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      2. Oh, dear. No, I don’t think that’s normal. I only have the silver metallic for comparison, but I haven’t noticed any defects like that at all so I’d definitely suggest taking it back/returning it!

        The one time I had to return something to Kipling UK, they were very good about it. (I’d ordered a washed-out denim pencil case but it arrived and was more of a navy colour. I don’t know to this day if they sent the wrong item out but they returned my money without complaint.)

        I don’t blame you for being nitpicky, either way! They’re expensive products for what they are. (I do think this is one of those cases where you “get what you pay for” and they do seem hardy (pencil case-wise, at least, because that’s all I’ve bought from there) but I also expect good customer service for this kind of price, you know?

        You’re very welcome! I hope I’ve helped. I don’t normally fall in love with a brand but I love to share my enthusiasm for those few that I do enjoy. I’m sorry you’ve been disappointed and I hope you get it sorted!

        (P.S. Don’t go to the US version of the website if you haven’t already. Especially not if you value your wallet. ;D)


      3. Unfortunately my ebay seller got the wallet off the US Website (its not available anywhere else). So far i love the size of the wallet. I thought it would be too small and it would just work as a card holder but most of my essentials from my larger wallet fit in it. The texture of the wallet is growing on me as well. I think because of the excessive heat where I live the package might have been a little affected but its seems to be ok now. You should definitely check their totes and slings out as well. They have very convenient drop pockets that can fit all of your small items, along with a standard d ring for your keys. And they last for years and years (I’m a hoarder and I can’t part with things I love so great quality is a huge plus). So far the only person I’ve manged to convert to the kipling cult has been my mom. Always happy to connect with other fans 🙂

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      4. Ah, yeah, returning to an independent seller is tougher, though ebay’s protection is pretty good so you could return it if you needed to get your money back. I don’t blame you for hanging on to it, though; sometimes it’s the defects that make you fall in love. xD

        I didn’t know it when I bought my first pencil case from Kipling, but my sister’s handbag was from the UK store. She was getting out of the brand just as I was getting in lol. I do prefer the US options more than the ones in the UK, I have to admit (but that’s kind of par for the course for me. I tend to prefer American ranges all across the board).

        I’m not big on bags in general, but I’m definitely keeping Kipling in mind when I go shopping for panier-style bags for my wheelchair. (I haven’t been out of the house in months so I can’t justify buying bags yet.) KitKat’s kind of ruined the mobility backpack on the back of the chair by using it to climb up, so I totally need a new one, right? ;D


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